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Have you ever thought that you would be able to access loans that repay themselves without liquidation risks in Latin America?

Pluto LOANS makes this possible, it is a fintech company that offers loans and instant liquidity, in a transparent way with the guarantee of your own cryptocurrencies.

Haciendo Stellar

It is a site in Spanish where we will replicate the official content of Stellar Network and create content of interest to the entire Spanish-speaking market. You can find courses, notes, ideas, resources, releases, projects, news, and much more.

Pluto Open-source

Simple Signer

Simple Signer is a browser extension that makes it easy to sign transactions on the Stellar network quickly and safely, without the need to enter any private key on the frontend that generates the transaction.


Our Governance allows communities to record proposals and votes entirely on-chain. It ships with a separate voting backend and frontend, ready to be used as-is or to be customized for each project’s needs

Visit PlutoDao/Gov

Turrets Admin

We have developed a tool to manage Stellar Turret and execute contracts, generate XDR tokens and view general Turret information

Visit PlutoDao/Tss

Automated Market Maker

User interface to interact with the native liquidity pools on the Stellar Network

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