Developing solutions in the descentralized Stellar network for Latin America.

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We are a community governed by our own governance system that has made us open and transparent. You can see more in our community section.

Nico Galiano

Head UX/UI Designer

Tincho Cayssials


Lao Villamarín

CM & Translator

Fede Perez Jacomet

Head Marketing

Mauri Genebrieres


Víktor Agustín Luzny


Ana Rodriguez


Nico Rivarola


Hernán Peralta


Fabricio Sodano

Co-founder - Tech Lead

Ger Villamarín

Co-founder - Product Lead

Kelo Rienzi

Co-founder - Team Lead

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The Stellar Network

Stellar is a scalable, open-source, fast and affordable descentralized blockchain network, specifically designed to develop and deliver financial products and services, exchange and move securities globally.

Stellar makes it possible to create, send and exchange digital representations of all forms of money: dollars, pesos, bitcoins, just about anything.

It is designed so that all financial systems in the world can work together in a single network. Dozens of financial institutions around the world.

Pluto Proyects

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